Lead partner country:

PRIORITY 3 - Networking and people-to-people cooperation

Borderland Culture as an integration platform of local communities in Bug Euroregion

Lead PartnerThe Association of Local Governments of Bug Euroregion (Poland)

Partnership (there is the 2nd level PL-UA and PL-BY partnership - at the micro-project level) (Poland)

Total budget488244,08 €

Programme Contribution439419,67 €

Duration24 months

Measure3.2. Local communities’ initiatives

Project ref. numberIPBU.03.02.00-06-828/12

The overall objective of the umbrella project:
The support for the local communities of the Cross-border Association of Bug Euroregion in the area of maintaining the joint cultural traditions.

The specific objectives of the umbrella project:
1. The Polish-Ukrainian borderland's integration and deepening of the cooperation through the development of the cross-border contacts and the local social initiatives in the area of culture and maintaining the joint cultural traditions.
2. Promotion of culture and local traditions of Goraj and Zabolottia Communes.
3. Cultural integration of the Bug Euroregion area through creating the Cross-border E-Centre of Cultural Cooperation Lublin-Lutsk.
4. Popularization and mutual promotion of traditions, folk and culinary culture and artistic heritage with the reference to cooperation among the local communities of the Polish-Ukrainian borderland.
5. Intensification of cooperation and maintaining of the joint cultural traditions among communities of the Tomaszów Lubelski in Poland and Rava Ruska in Ukraine.
6. The increase in awareness of the local community from the cross-border area of Werbkowice Commune and Uhniv Town, through maintenance and dissemination of region's cultural heritage in the form of workshops, open-air staging of a ritual event and promotional tools.
7. Cooperation development of Polish and Belarusian cultural and scientific institutions for maintaining and popularising of the joint cultural traditions of the Wisznice - Brest borderland area.
8. Presentation and popularization of folk culture of the local communities of the borderland areas situated on the River Bug.
9. The increase in borderland inhabitants' awareness about cultural diversity of the Bug Euroregion.
10. Support and development of the cooperation between Lublin and Lviv in the area of culture, through the complex actions which enable the correct preparation and implementation of joint cross-border projects.
11. Revival, maintenance and promotion of the areas of rural cultural traditions of the Ukrainian-Polish borderland.

The umbrella project embraces 11 micro-projects.
Description of the micro-projects (according to the Grant Contract) - download the file (pdf)