Lead partner country:

PRIORITY 3 - Networking and people-to-people cooperation

Institutional cooperation between Vynohradiv district and Sanok province in development of the palliative care provision

Lead PartnerAgency of Local Development of Vynohradiv (Ukraine)

Partnership Vynogradiv District Council, Vynogradiv (Ukraine)
St. Albert Help Society, Sanok (Poland)

Total budget1 087 428,99 €

Programme Contribution978 686,09 €

Duration22 months

Measure3.1. Regional and local cross-border cooperation capacity building

Project ref. numberIPBU.03.01.00-80-356/11

Overall objective is to improve standard of life for seriously ill people and their families in Zakarpattya and Podkarpackie regions with focus on facilitated access to qualitative medical treatment irrespective of disease and on improved quality of palliative services.

The project aims to establish hospice facility in Vynogradiv (Ukraine) - the Regional Centre of palliative care with the capacity of 25 beds. This activity includes both reconstruction of a building and provision of necessary equipment for the center ( equipping process based on the Polish partner’s experience). Similarily hospice facility in Sanok shall be arranged and equipped with the capacity of 30 beds.

The Polish-Ukrainian team of 10 experts will be working on a joint palliative care system taking advantage of professional trainings and exchange of experience. The lead partner of the projects ensured future financial sustainability of the hospice facility in Vynogradivn through public budgeting.



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