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PRIORITY 1 - Increasing competitiveness of the border area

Modernization of Zoological Gardens in Zamość and Lutsk and Development of a Concept of Establishing a Recreation Zone in Rzeszów in Order to Develop Cross-border Qualified Nature Tourism

Lead PartnerThe Town of Zamość (Poland)

Partnership The City of Rzeszów (Poland)
The Executive Committee of the Town of Lutsk (Ukraine)

Total budget2 580 786,33 €

Programme Contribution2 296 899,83 €

Duration24 months

Measure1.2. Tourism development

Project ref. numberIPBU.01.02.00-06-690/11-00

The Zoological Garden in Zamość is the only facility of this kind in the eastern part of Poland, and the zoo in Lutsk is the only zoo in the region of Volyn and one of the few in the western part of Ukraine. The facilities, which were rebuilt and modernized as part of the project, have become a real attraction for tourists and local communities, and the living conditions of animals have become more similar to the natural ones.

The zoo in Zamość is one of the oldest zoos in Poland. Since 2009, it has been undergoing a modernization, financially supported by the EU funds. Another project, developed jointly with the authorities of Lutsk in Ukraine, will include the construction and arrangement of new enclosures - for tapir, pygmy hippopotamus and capybara, with paddocks and cascading ponds, as well as three winter pavilions with duck ponds. Monitoring equipment and multimedia system will be installed (hot-spots, multimedia boards, multimedia guides).
Also the zoo in Lutsk, where most of the structures were fit for demolition, is undergoing major changes. New enclosures for bears and lions are being created, the whole area will be developed for comfort of the visitors. In total, nine animal enclosures will be created in both gardens on the area of 4,602 m2, as well as 1,700 meters of roads and pedestrian pathways.

The project included meetings and study visits, training for the Lutsk zoo personnel in the management of the zoo, its promotion and organization of qualified nature tourism, promotional activities and conferences to summarize the project activities.
The third part of the project is based on the development, including the elements of technical documentation, of the recreational zone concept in Rzeszow, encompassing zoological garden. The residents of Rzeszów got involved in the process of concept development. They had an opportunity to submit their proposals in the survey as well as during public consultations.

Modern zoological gardens in Zamość and Lutsk, created as a result of the project, may become an important advantage in the competitive fight for tourists, not only for Zamość and Lutsk, but also for the entire cross-border area, covered by the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme "Poland-Belarus-Ukraine". The project partners estimate that the number of people visiting the zoo in Zamość will increase to approximately 139 thousand, and in Lutsk to approx. 35 thousand people, within 1 year after the completion of the works scheduled.