Lead partner country:

PRIORITY 1 - Increasing competitiveness of the border area

The development of spa towns Horyniec-Zdrój and Morshyn chance to activation of the Polish-Ukrainian border

Lead PartnerCommune Horyniec-Zdrój/ Poland (Poland)

Partnership Agency of Regional Development and European Intergration (Ukraine)
Morshyn Town Council (Ukraine)

Total budget4 344 637,56 €

Programme Contribution3 910 173,80 €

Duration24 months

Measure1.2. Tourism development

Project ref. numberIPBU.01.02.00-18-353/11-00

Two spa towns in the border regions of Poland and Ukraine with extraordinary valuable resources of therapeutic mineral waters have taken action to attract more visitors and tourists. The new attractions to be created through the joint project are primarily based on the revitalization of spa parks. Both Horyniec-Zdrój, located on the southern edge of the Roztocze region, and Morshyn town, located in the region of Lviv amidst thousands square meters of clean forests, have perfect climatic and natural conditions for rest, recreation and various forms of tourism. For more than a hundred years both towns have offered opportunities for treatment of many diseases with mineral waters and peat baths. Despite their undeniable advantages, these spa towns do not use their full potential. Tourist infrastructure and promotion of an offer addressed to potential visitors from both countries need to be improved.

Implementation of investments in this regard has been possible with subsidies from the European Union cross-border cooperation funds. The investment in Horyniec-Zdrój includes construction of a year-round mineral water well-room, amphitheatre and fountains. The park will be adorned by a hedge maze and a picturesque duck pond. The renovated avenues will receive new lighting. Additionally, the project includes the removal of unhealthy and self-sown trees, the maintenance of tree stand as well as new plantings. The planting project aims to increase the natural and aesthetic value of the park by reference to the style of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century prevailing in the vegetation planning of spa parks.

The park in Morshyn is a monument of landscape architecture. The investment plan of the town consists in the renovation of the historic water well-room, as well as the construction of sewers, reconstruction of stylish lighting, installation of fences, construction of walking and cycling paths, reconstruction of the main avenue in the park, layout preparation and outfitting of recreational facilities, construction and assembly of small architecture elements (benches, litter bins, sculpture elements), construction of an open air stage and new greenery planting. Both parks will receive recreation and sports facilities such as tennis courts, Nordic Walking routes and skate parks.
Joint activities of partner cities will contribute to the exchange of experiences and transfer of "best practices". This will facilitate complementarity and development of new joint projects in the future. For local communities, the improved exploiting of resort, tourist and historic potential of the towns will provide opportunity for the generation of new workplaces and income increase in the local sectors of culture, tourism and indirect tourist services. The expected number of visitors following the completion of the project was estimated at 57 thousand people per year. Tourism offer of Horyniec-Zdrój and Morshyn is promoted through a joint website www.spa-parks.eu.