Lead partner country:

PRIORITY 2 - Improving the quality of life

Together we protect the Białowieża Forest

Lead PartnerAssociation of Local Governments of Euroregion of the Białowieża Forest (Poland)

Partnership Grodno District Office of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus (Belarus)
Brest Regional Office of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus (Belarus)
Community Orla (Poland)
Community Narewka (Poland)
Community Narew (Poland)
Community Kleszczele (Poland)
Community Hajnówka (Poland)
Community Dubicze Cerkiewne (Poland)
Community Czyże (Poland)
Community Czeremcha (Poland)
Community Bielsk Podlaski (Poland)
District Headquarters of State Fire Brigade in Hajnówka (Poland)

Total budget4 429 324,00 €

Programme Contribution3 986 391,60 €

Duration20 months

Measure2.1. Natural environment protection in the borderland

Project ref. numberIPBU.02.01.00-20-634/11

Project, due to the fact that it is destined for cross-border cooperation abilities improvement in the range of  joint actions conducted by services responsible for fire-fighting and ecological protection of environment and population within Puszcza Białowieska of Poland and Belarus it is by assumption of cross-border character.

Modernization of equipment base of fire units included in this project will improve the firefighting security level in cross—border region of Puszcza Białowieska, both in inhabited areas and connected with tourism, as well as forest areas. Equipping of Fire Service Units in modern equipment of a standard identical to all partners will contribute to facilitation of operational actions coordination. 

Cross-border partnership will stimulate the development of less developed fire units on Polish and Belarusian sides. Project’s conduction will enable cooperation establishment at the level of knowledge and experiences exchange concerning rescue services organization.

Products and results gained as a consequence of project’s implementation will build up international and interregional cooperation of rescue services in the range of elimination of incidents effects threatening environment and population, and will contribute to local groups and communities integration.