Lead partner country:

PRIORITY 2 - Improving the quality of life

Development of IT infrastructure of Ukrainian customs and border guards services

Lead PartnerState Fiscal Service of Ukraine (Ukraine)

Partnership Podkarpackie Voivodship Office (Poland)
Lublin Voivodship Office (Poland)
Administration of State Border Guard Service of Ukraine (Ukraine)

Total budget2719382 €

Programme Contribution2447443,8 €

Duration18 months

Measure2.2. Efficient and secure borders

Project ref. numberIPBU.02.02.01-70-009/10-01

Overall objective: to increase efficiency of border control and customs procedures on the whole Ukrainian-Polish border.
Specific objectives:
1. To accelerate the movement through border crossing points (BCPs) "Rava-Ruska", "Krakivets", "Shegini","Smilnitsya", "Yahodyn" due to development of IT infrastructure.
2. To establish the mechanism of transfer of knowledge and best EU practices.

Infrastructure development of BCPs on Ukrainian-Polish border will allow to make customs and border control more effective, to enhance border guard, customs unit's capabilities in decreasing of level of trans-border crimes and preventing smuggling and trafficking.
The purchase of the equipment will also increase the efficiency of the customs and border guard unit's work. Implementation of the planned activities will contribute to the protection of external borders of the European Union by way of enhancing operational border management capacity of the Ministry of Revenue and Duties of Ukraine and the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

The renovation of the communication infrastructure of BCPs will allow to make border and customs control more effective, to enhance border guard units abilities in decreasing level of trans-border crimes, detecting document falsification, stolen vehicles, preventing smuggling, as well as to speed up and smooth controlling procedures at the border-crossing points.

The list of activities/results shall include:

1. Installed and commissioned IT systems for BCPs "Krakivets", "Rava-Ruska", "Smilnitsya", "Shehyni" and "Yahodyn":
• Designed IT infrastructure for 5 BCPs, Yahodyn and Lviv Customs.
• Developed Complex System of Information Protection (CSIP) for 5 BCPs and Yahodyn and Lviv Customs.
• Installed licence plates recognition systems on BCPs "Smilnitsya" and "Shehyni".
• Installed data storage systems on BCPs "Smilnitsya" and "Shehyni".
• Installed video analysis systems on BCPs "Krakivets", "Rava-Ruska", "Yahodyn".
• Installed IP -telephone communication systems communication for BCPs "Smilnitsya" and "Shehyni".
• Installed radio communication systems for BCPs "Smilnitsya" and"Shehyni".
• Upgraded network for "Krakivets", "Rava-Ruska", "Yahodyn" and Yahodyn Custom, Lviv Custom.
• Installed network for BCPs "Smilnitsya", "Shehyni".
• Equipped 120 working places on 5 BCPs with computers and software.

2. Border guard units of 5 BCPs supplied modern and up-to-date communication equipment, 5 BCPs reequipped with modern border and passport control means:
• Installed Working Station "Administrator" - 3 units.
• Installed Working Station "Inspector-C" - 116 units.
• Installed Working Station "Operator of the complex of hardware" - 3 units.
• Installed Working Station "Inspector-P" - 2 units.
• Installed Working Station "Chief of shift" - 3 units;
• Installed Working Station "Inspector-P.TPK" - 71 units.
• Complex information protection devices installed on all 5 BCPs - 5 units.
• Installed documents reader "Regula Mod. 7337" - 21 units.
• BCPs "Krakivets", "Yahodyn", "Shehyni" and "Smilnitsya" equipped with main and spare servers (8 units).

3. Conducted visibility campaign.

4. Improved cooperation between Ukrainian and Polish authorities responsible for customs and border control.