Lead partner country:

PRIORITY 2 - Improving the quality of life

The reconstruction of international automobile border crossing point (iabcr) “Ustylug”

Lead PartnerState Customs Service of Ukraine (Ukraine)

Partnership Zarząd Obsługi Przejść Granicznych w Lublinie (Poland)
Zarząd Obsługi Przejść Granicznych w Lublinie (Poland)
Lublin Executive Board for Maintenance of Border Crossings (Poland)

Total budget5 436 279.23 €

Programme Contribution4 891 020.42 €

Duration18 months

Measure2.2. Efficient and secure borders

Project ref. numberPBU/LSP/09/006

The general objective of the project is the increase of throughput capacity of the Polish- Ukrainian state border and the increase of efficiency of customs and border control through the development of the border crossing point “Ustylug”. The project includes the reconstruction of the crossing and improvement of customs procedures. The modernized point shall obtain daily throughput capacity of up to 7800 persons, 2700 passenger cars, 500 minibuses and 8 buses. The average time for custom clearance and border formalities for passenger cars shall be decreased up to 1 hour. In addition, the efficiency of anti-smuggling measures will be increased.

The border crossing point will be extended by the construction of new pavilions, disinfection barrier, premises for cynology, building for customs personnel, fire service and road infrastructure. The crossing will also be provided with new equipment including 30 new complete workplaces.