Cross-border Commission on the development of the Dnieper-Vistula waterway started its work in Brest

A permanent Commission was formally established within an international conference on restoration of the E40 waterway, which took place in Brest (Belarus) on 27-28 March 2014. The Commission consists of representatives of ministries, water management departments, regional and local authorities, research institutes, civil society organizations from Belarus, Poland and Ukraine.

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Simplification of the reporting procedure

We would like to inform all our Beneficiaries that the following steps of simplification of the reporting procedure has been agreed with the Joint Managing Authority:

1) Financial Report - in Annex A-2 “Sources of funding” the amounts for project contributions - the lines “Beneficiary's financial contribution” and “Partner's .. financial contribution”- can be presented jointly for the whole project without breaking down into beneficiary and each partner. It means that the amounts in the columns: “Amount incurred in the reporting period (in EUR)”, “Cumulated costs (before current report) (in EUR)”, “Cumulated costs (from start of implementation to present report included) (in EUR)”, “Declared amount for the project (in EUR)”, “Progress indicator (%)”, “Declared amount (%)” do not have to be broken down by Beneficiary and Partner(s) any more. “Project financial contribution” shall be put down in the proportion as set in the Grant Contract;


2) Individual Financial Report - Separate financial reports, which are submitted from beneficiary and partner(s) to their auditor(s) to check the separate financial reports do not have to encompass all the Annexes (as in the consolidated financial report) but may include only tables A-4 and A-5 (applicable to the new templates of reports).


We would like to encourage you to consider the above simplification during the preparatory of financial reports.

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Launching conference for the Measure 3.2. projects (umbrella projects)

Launching conference for the Local communities' initiatives projects took place on 13-14 March 2014 in Rzeszów, Poland. All the Lead Partners of the six contracted umbrella projects as well as all the partners participating in the 56 micro-projects were invited. The goal of the conference was to present the implementation rules and support the projects in understanding of the requirements of the Programme. The beneficiaries had also an opportunity to take advantage of group workshops and discuss the individual case studies with the project managers from the Joint Technical Secretariat. In total 116 representatives of the umbrella projects from Poland, Belarus and Ukraine participated in the conference.

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International conference on restoration of the water connection between the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea to take place in Brest

On 27-28 March 2014, Brest regional executive committee will host an international inaugural conference and first session of the Commission on the development of the E40 waterway on the Dnieper-Vistula section. The list of invitees includes representatives of international organizations, diplomatic missions, Ministries of Transport, Infrastructure and Development, Ministries of Nature and Environmental Protection, water management departments, regional and local authorities from territories through which the E40 waterway passes, as well as Euroregions, research institutions, public organizations from Belarus, Poland, Ukraine and Germany.


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Conclusion of civil law contracts with the personnel within the projects

In connection with numerous questions concerning the conclusion of civil law contracts with the personnel within the projects in the Cross-border Cooperation Programme Poland-Belarus-Ukraine 2007-2013 the Joint Technical Secretariat would kindly remind that all contracts within the projects must correspond to the competitiveness principle. Therefore the following provisions shall apply:

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Rzeszów has exchanged its best practices with partners from Ukraine


EU co-financing to help Belarus, Poland and Ukraine to plan restoration of the E40 waterway on the Dnieper-Vistula section.


Simplification of the project modifications process.


"The Crossborderer" - the 2013 edition is already available


Transformation of the Ministry of Regional Development of Poland


"The Cross-border Capitalisation" Conference boosted thematic networking of projects.


Invitation to the annual conference of the Programme - 28 November in Lviv


Decision on the documentary proof of the personnel input into the project.


Conference opening the project "Investment in culture. Comprehensive action for cultural education" 24-25 October 2013 in Ternopil


'Joint network for cooperation in the sphere of culture and social care in favour of the development of the cities located in the Polish -Ukrainian borderland'




Official launch of the European Cooperation Day 2013


The open air for young volunteer rescue workers from Ukraine, Poland and Belarus.


Festival of Borderland Cultures - 'Hucul horse in the culture of East Carpathian Mountains'


The Joint Technical Secretariat is looking for the Financial Manager - job announcement.


'Planet Lublin-Lviv-Brest' - a cultural event


The first scientific workshops organized under the project 'Scientific integration of the Polish-Ukrainian borderland area in the field of monitoring and detoxification of harmful substances in environment'.


Horyniec-Zdroj (PL) and Morshyn (UA) - the joint development of health resorts.


Together safer in the Lublin and Volyn regions.


The Joint Technical Secretariat is looking for the Financial Manager - job announcement