Annual Programme Conference took place in Arłamów


On 21 August the Annual Programme Conference took place in Arlamow, at the border between Western and Eastern Carpathians. The event hosted 146 participants from all the Programme regions, including representatives of projects, regional and national authorities and the Programme institutions (including 68 persons from Poland, 35 persons from Belarus and 43 persons from Ukraine).

The conference entitled "Cooperation is on the Climb" marked an important milestone in the Programme implementation what was symbolically represented by its location in the highness of the Carpathian Mountains. Besides, the Carpathians as a common multinational heritage and a synthesis of cultures was a cross-cutting theme of the event.

During the conference, the present state of play in the Programme was presented as well as assumptions for the Poland-Belarus-Ukraine ENI CBC Programme 2014-2020. The presentations were supplemented by a film illustrating so far results achieved by the projects and by a panel discussion with the participation of representatives of beneficiaries from Poland, Belarus and Ukraine. On the example of six selected projects, implementation experience from different thematic ares were discussed.

Another important part of the conference was experiencing a new Polish-Ukrainian tourist track within the project ‘Geo-Carpathians - Creating a Polish-Ukrainian Tourist Route (IPBU.01.02.00-18-203/10)' followed by the visit to the project ‘Polanczyk and Schidnica - let's make use together of our tourist and cultural potential for the improvement of competitiveness of the Bieszczady region' (IPBU.01.02.00-18-703/11-00). Both projects constituted an interesting case studies in the area visited with some successful initiatives already implemented including construction of the amphitheatre in Polańczyk.

For the participants, the meeting was also an opportunity to exchange experience, share best practices and communicate face to face with project partners and the Programme institutions.