GIS across the border - the joint platform of the area management in Bug Euroregion


GIS is a geographic information system - a system for the collection, storage, analysis and graphical visualization of spatial data and related information. Such data include digital maps and plans at different scales, digital terrain data etc. The range of application of GIS technologies is very broad: cartography, investments, ecology, tourism and construction industry. Geoportal was launched as part of the project of Local Governments Associations of the Bug Euroregion "GIS across the border - the joint platform of the area management in Bug Euroregion". Project partners are the Cross-Border Association Bug Euroregion from Ukraine, Brest regional center for the support of development of agro-tourism "AGROEKOTUR" from Belarus and Eastern Advisory and Service Cluster from Poland.

Bug Euroregion geoportal created in the Polish-Belarusian-Ukrainian partnership gives us the ability to use the information from the field of cultural heritage, health protection, investments, infrastructure of the Lublin province, Brest Oblast in Belarus and Volyn Oblast in Ukraine with the use of Bug Euroregion geoportal. Originators of the Bug Euroregion geoportal took as a basis the idea of collection of a wide range of thematic data in one integrated geographic information management system. "Visitors of the geoportal can obtain information about the investment areas, consulates and border crossings, monuments in the Bug Euroregion, accommodation facilities. The acquired data can be analyzed, printed and handed over to other users "- said Magdalena Fotek Kułak, President of the Local Governments Associations of the Bug Euroregion.

Geoportal can be used by a wide multitude of users: from representatives of state and local government, Polish, Ukrainian and Belarusian statistical services, to entrepreneurs and tourists and others interested in the Polish-Belarusian - Ukrainian frontier. Depending on the advancement of the user, geoportal) proposes applications in the basic and expanded version. The project was completed on 31 January 2015.



Text and photo by The Association of Local Governments of Euroregion Bug