'In the East, in the West - Poland, Belarus, Ukraine' - a photo competition


JTS of the Programme announces a photo competition 'In the east, in the west - Poland, Belarus, Ukraine' - a look through the camera lens on the uniqueness of the Polish eastern regions and western regions of Belarus and Ukraine. The goal of the competition is to promote the eligible area of the Programme - its cultural diversity and landscape. The best pictures will be displayed during exhibitions organised in the major towns of eastern Poland, western Belarus and western Ukraine. As the main award, the authors of selected photographs will be invited to take part in a special photo exhibition in Brussels.

There are three photo competition categories:

  1. Feelings and values - a portrait of a man
  2. Boundlessness of the landscape
  3. A short story - a sequence or a collage of 3 - 5 pictures

 The panel to submit the pictures along with the rules of the competition is available at www.pl-by-ua.eu/photo